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Buddhist Youth Festival 2009

27 December 2011 - 1st January 2012

* Buddhism * Social Engagement * Art * Celebration *Meditation
* Community * Yoga * Discussion * Fun * Leadership

Young Buddhists meditating

Young Buddhists of all traditions, but also anyone who is interested in our many themes and topics are invited to come and participate. The idea for the gathering is to bring together young people with similar interests from all over the world to meet each other, share ideas and interests, meditate, learn about Buddhism, find out what other people are doing in their traditions, have fun, and celebrate the start of a new year together.

Hosted by Shambhala Europe
at the Hotel Schloss Heinsheim, Germany

Hotel Schloss Heinsheim, Germany

For whom: between the ages of 16 and mid 30's

Date: 27 December 2009 - 1st January 2010

Please arrive before 20:00 on the 27th and plan to leave after noon on the 1st.

Costs: 240,- EUR

This covers 5 nights in the 4 star hotel-castle (they are very generously letting us use this elegant space at cost, no profit to them), Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, and Dinner everyday. A New Years Eve Banquet and Dance Party, as well as the entire festival program!

Scholarships available! Please do not hesitate to request one, no one will be turned away for lack of funds! Contact Sophie-

The theme of this gathering is 'Peace within, Peace in the world'

The content of the entire festival is largly determined by the participants inspirations and requests. In this way, it is ever evolving and unique. Within our overall theme of peace, there are several main topics which we explore through world-renowned guest speakers, workshops, and discussions. We are always open to adding more topics to meet your needs and interests, if you have any insiparations, please let us know!

Buddhist Youth Festival Group 2007

  1. Buddhism
    Exploration of what Buddhism actually is, what does it mean to be a young Buddhist in todays world, how are these teachings relevant in this day and age, and how can we practically apply them to our daily lives.
  2. Social Engagement Exploring the many ways in which we can be of benefit to our world- alleviating the suffering of others, addressing environmental concerns, and the possibility of world peace.
  3. Contemplative Art
    We will explore how meditation can influence us as artists, or in our interaction with the world. Discussion and practices of art as meditative practice (Dance and movement, Cooking, Music, Calligraphy, Ikebana, Photography, etc).
  4. Meditative Practices Daily group mediation twice per day, yoga, tai chi, running and other physical activities. Meditation room open all day/evening for those who would like to use this time to deepen their practice or make a retreat.
  5. Community Meet other young Buddhists from many countries, cultures, and traditions; share experiences, have fun, celebrate the New Year!

Hotel Schloss Heinsheim inside

If you have any questions, ideas, are interested in staffing, or if you would like to make a donation to the festival or our scholarship fund to help support young people who cannot otherwise attend, please contact Sophie Maclaren at:

Impressions of the

Buddhist Youth Festival 2007

Watch the full 30 minute documentary at:

At the end of 2007 Shambhala Europe hosted the first Buddhist Youth Festival in Europe at the sangha owned hotel Schloss Heinsheim in Germany. The event was a great sucess, bringing together people in their late teens, twenties, and early thirties from all over Europe and as far away as the Americas.

Participants came to meditate, learn more about Buddhism, explore various contemplative art forms and discuss topics like 'Social Action- how can we help the world' and 'being a young Buddhist practitioner in todays Western world'. Although this was a Shambhala hosted event, the majority of participants were from other sanghas or completely new to Buddhism and meditation.

There was lots of time to socialise and get to know eachother, everyone was excited to hear about eachothers lives, practices and interets. Mikhael, a zen practitioner from Iceland, summed up his experience in the closing circle saying 'when people ask me what I did for New Years, what can I say, but I made 65 new friends'.

Created by- Susanne Becker and Sophie Maclaren